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twists and turns

screen staging LED facade

since May 2006, Uniqa Tower, Vienna
content design: Mader Stublic Wiermann
LED-facade: Light planning: LichtKunstLicht/ technics: Barco/ architects: Neumann + Partner
photography: Hervé Massard, 2007
160.000 LEDs/ video pixels, installed in the double glass facade, 7.500sqm

The video-feed constructs a dynamic architecture analogous to the actual building: the moving line- and grid-constellations are developed from the structure of the building itself and are establishing new virtual layers, states and spaces which dynamically interweave. Because of the permanent comparison with the building the images do not replace reality but rather constantly interact with it.
The medium of time is explored for the narration of the facade. But instead of serve as a screen or message-board the building becomes an integral part of the city as an abstract, constantly modulating architectural form.


twist and turns, Vienna