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Holger Mader, Heike Wiermann, Alexander Stublic

concept LED-media facade
client: Chelsea Art Museum/ Miotte foundation, New York
design 2008, planned for 2010, not realized
with Alexander Stublic
photography: Aubrey Mayer
120 vertical LED-tubes, IP 67, white (levels of grey), pixelpitch 3,3cm, metal construction, controller unit

A transparent shell made of vertical LED-rods will be installed on the façade. The installation will feature abstract images moving across the building – but the new layer always will interact with the building’s façade, covering parts of it at times, but also allowing its original appearance to show through. The gap left between the original and the new respects the integrity of the building, while manipulating its appearance depending on the installation’s programming and the viewers position.  
Accordingly, the new façade does not replace the existing one, rather, it plays with its surface and volume.