expanded space

video-installation on Avedøre Power Station and in the surrounding area

Holger Mader, Heike Wiermann
07.-18.12.2009, Avedøre Holme, Copenhagen, Denmark
LysLyd, sound and light festival, on the occasion of the UN Climate Conference (COP 15)
clients: Copenhagen International Theatre, Dong Energy, Hvidovre commune
with Alexander Stublic
8 video projectors, 15 000 ansi-lumens, computer controlled, live synchonization with weather station via internet, 2 vans with synchronized video on their back side

The videos’ unusual size, combined with the building’s archetypal shape, work to create a sign that can be seen from great distance. An additional expansion into the surrounding urban space is created by smaller mobile units, which distribute the sign throughout the area in a choreographed relation - thus creating a character of a repre¬sentation, which uses the suburb as a stage, making the media-architecture tangible. 
Depending on the wind force on site, the video detaches itself and starts to literally blow in the wind. Projection surface and film plane are no longer congruent - the video appears to become a fabric-like material on the building’s surface. The simulated spacialities are physically influenced by the natural power of wind.