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4D house

location Innenhafen, Duisburg
exhibition twilight zone, Kulturhaupstadt Ruhr.2010
client Ruhr.2010
year 2010
conception Mader Stublic Wiermann
curator Söke Dinkla
technic 14 video projectors, media control unit

The expansive form of the architecture allows lots of views and thus very diverse combinations  of the different structures. The building creates on it’s very own mode spacial collages, the video is interpreted and opens up “spontaneous” constellations – depending on the movement of the spectator. The development of the video’s choreography is accompanied by switching between real and simulated space. It passes through different phases from flatness to three-dimensionality, from mimetic image to state. Because the video is created along the form of the building itself and it’s tension quality, the light structures are